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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you are making a point and you are siamese twin. >> bob: this is the first time i agree with you. >> where did you hear that? >> its suggestion. think you say it a lot. i for one, i for one just bought jasper a toy. >> can we get a close-up on bob. >> do we have to? >> that is why he has reading glasses so he can read 50 shades of gray. i have something to share with the group. >> dreams of my five. >> it was dreams. mine are always being late somewhere. i came back to a new apartment and it was the wrong apartment and i was trying to find the right dress and i was wearing a
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terrible outfit with shoes. my husband pulled out this dress fire greg and dana. what is that for. it's because they said you and greg kick these people off their properties so we could build our apartment. we didn't do that. my husband was mad at me and wouldn't speak to me. it went on and on and i couldn't breathe. >> bob: so what was the dream you ended the show the way you begin. [ laughter ] >> dana: like a sandwich. thanks for watching. i hope i'm here tomorrow. >> chris: the man who wants to be america's spy master. this is special report. >> chris: good evening, i'm kris wallace in for bret baier. john brennan has worked first in
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the c.i.a. and then as counterterrorism advisor but he will face questioning about that from enhanced interrogation to drone controversy. chief correspondent says it may get rough. >> facing a backlash over the targeted killing program the white house insisted the nominee to head the c.i.a. is not in trouble. >> the president believes that the senate should and will confirm john brennan expeditious >> reporter: john brennan described as architect of the expanded drone campaign is now in the crosshairs of republicans democrats and mr. obama's traditional support others the left. >> it's a program that used very minimally by president bush. now there are over 3,000 civilians who have been killed in this program. >> on brennan's watch, anwar
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al-awlaki was the first american successfully targeted for death in september 2011. two weeks later his son was killed in a drone strike. >> i think it's fair to say, far fewer civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership and al-qaeda along the lines we are discussing as opposed to an effort to invade a country with hundreds of thousands of troops and take cities and towns. >> reporter: the draft memorandum mem oh targeting killing of americans is described as overly simplistic. >> before they decided to take an extraordinary action and essentially unilaterally execute an american says they wanted legal cover. >> reporter: senator ron widen is going to pull out all the stops to justify killing americans without judicial review. >> what i can say this president
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and this administration will continue to work with congress. >> reporter: another line of questioning in the confirmation will focus on 2007 statement that the controversial c.i.a. program which included the water boarding of 9/11 architect khalid shaikh mohammed shaved a lot lives. he worked under c.i.a. deputy director. >> he talked to colleagues and expressed reservations, this is very straightforward, honest guy. >> reporter: new documents released by the senate intelligence committee in advance shows john brennan was questioned by federal investigators as part of new two-national security leak and cyber attacks by iran. he states he is only considered a witness in those cases. >> chris: it should be very interesting hearing. in the seerian civil war, some of the heaviest fighting in weeks took place in the capital of damascus. in turkey, number two men the forces opposed to president
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assad talked to fox news about how his forces are fighting alongside terrorists. correspondent greg palkot is in turkey tonight. >> syrian conflict is two years old as rebels continue to clash with forces of assad. >> groups of rebels are fighting every day. >> malik was a colonel in the syrian military. he is now deputy commander of the free syrian army. shed ago civilian suit when she border town. a transit point for rebels going into syria. regarding the growing presence of foreign fighters he admits they are there fighting alongside his men, but he doesn't openly condone brutal tactics. >> the free army organized to fight assad. the support comes from outside syria. >> reporter: he rejects any negotiation with assad and his
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regime. >> he uses a show of nego to get more time to kill more people in syria. >> he wants iran and russia to stop backing assad and called to u.s. to get more involved. he says america is standing by the sidelines. >> we look the america to play an important role. >> reporter: he says the only way he will be forced out is with force. >> assad's killing will continue until he falls. only way he will leave is by military means and military force. >> reporter: fresh for a time frame, the colonel said assad had six months before he goes and if everything goes the rebels' way and there is no guarantee of that. >> chris: treasury department says it has resumed borrowing following president obama's
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signing of the debt deal on sunday. the treasury has borrowed already $41 billion most of it to restore pension funds. stocks were mixed today. dow gained 7. s&p 500 was up 1. nasdaq lost 3. >> a new study says obamacare will bring about the thing it was created to stop. millions of americans will lose their health insurance. jim angle says how it will happen. >> congressional budget office says under obamacare 7 million fewer people will get health insurance by 2023, an increase from the last estimate of 4 million. it's not providing insurance for $12,000 and cost of providing it is far greater. >> that is a simple calculation for the employer. they look at the cost of the insurance, they don't provide it and more and more deciding just to pay the penalty. >> reporter: despite assurances offered by the president.
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>> nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change your coverage. >> reporter: and advisor to the cbo those without insurance can get subsidies but only to buy coverage the government specifies. >> why shouldn't workers take advantage of the federal subsidy. they paid for it too. >> reporter: they call the report oversimplified. >> on january 1st, 2014, an insurance marketplace will be up and running and consumers will have more access to quality, affordable health coverage. >> many won't be able to use the subsidies, unions must pay insurance foreindividual workers but not their spouse or children. >> if the employer pays for the workers share of that, say $4,000 to $5,000 but says to the family you have to pay the other $10,000 and family only makes $30,000. that is third of their income. they may not be able to buy insurance. they may not be eligible for
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subsidies in the exchange either >> now the family is caught in limbo. >> and they may lose the insurance they. >> have the coverage you have now isn't going to exist for most people next year or the year after. >> reporter: in fact the law is full of incentives. employers were less than 50 workers don't have to provide insurance. so many are limiting their workers accordingly. >> chris: thanks. more on this with the panel too. when the federal government offers money to the states, it's usually a good idea to get out of the way to avoid the stampede. but that is changing in one case. correspondent explains why from los angeles. >> can't we simply rap our fingers at federal government. trust me. >> its choice that every governor faces, expand medicaid
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or not. >> the governor joins 14 other governors unlikely to accept the federal government's promise to pay up to 90% of the costs of medical care for the poor. ten states are undecided. 25 plan to take the money including arizona. >> with this move, we will secure a federal revenue stream to cover the cost of the uninsured. >> taking the money means bigger government and could cost more in the long run because any state that says yes, must still pay millions in matching funds to cover what washington does not. >> mchas potential to bankrupt the states. >> he fears a bait and switch. they hook you on 90% and reduce the reimbursement. >> it's being portrayed as free money to expand medicaid and health insurance but that is not a promise it has to keep. federal government could ratchet it down to 80%, to 70%, to 60%. >> medicaid currently covers 60%
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of americans earning less than $23,000 a year for a family of four. it would increase that for families up to $31,000. cost, trillion dollars. >> people say it's free money. that is yours and mine tax dollars. >> there is one pot of money and he spends 12 million more on medicaid. >> chris: thanks for that. the head of the postal service says saturday mail delivery will end in august. postmaster predicts the move will save the agency about $2 billion a year. he says saturday packaged delivery will continue. postal service reported a record loss of almost $16 billion last year. some in congress are asking how the agency can decide to suspend saturday delivery without their
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>>. >> chris: tonight, regulation story is a real world illustration of the old saying, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. it begin as a way to provide nutritional information for restaurant customers but shannon bream says it's not stopping there. >> most within the restaurant industry was on board for requirements stemming requiring them to provide nutritional information on their menu. but when the food and drug administration decided to extend that mandate to many supermarkets and convenience stores in the form of a new federal regulation, store owners were alarmed. >> they would be very burdensome.
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>> under this proposed regulation, thousands of stores would be forced to label unpackaged food like those found in a salad bowl and your favorite bakery items. they estimate the regulation would cost retailers a billion dollars in just the first year. >> supermarket industry is business that is well known that our net profit average and has been is 1%. so when you incur significant costs, there is no way that doesn't get passed on to the customer in some storm form. >> reporter: there are stiff penalties. >> if you get it wrong, get this it's a federal crime. you could face jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines. >> reporter: the fda says it should help consumers limit competence calorie intake and understand how the foods fitted within their daily nutritional needs. >> critics say the fda failed to complete a cost benefit analysis
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of the regulation in order to justify it's a necessity. >> they are required to do it and they simply said we can't quantify a benefit from this rule because they really can't. >> reporter: the fda has received hundreds of comments on the proposed comments and will consider them that will include the economic analysis. >> chris: fox news has confirmed budget concerns is forcing the pentagon to cut the aircraft presence in the gulf from two to one. even more drastic defense cuts could be weeks away. congressional republicans are trying to come up with last minute plans to avoid the cuts and force the president to come up with a deficit reduction plan of his own. carl cameron is here with more. >> reporter: republicans today made a pair of pretty significant statements. first, the house g.o.p. majority passed a measure calling on the president to submit two to
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congress by april 1st a budget that balances in ten years. g.o.p. is increasingly frustrated by the i insistence that the solution to deficit spending is more taxation. president doesn't believe we have a spending problem. he genuinely believes the government spending causes economic growth. if that were true, the economy today would be thriving. it isn't thriving. >> washington has to deal with its spending problem. i watched them kick the can down 22 years down the road. its time to act. >> had he tahoe roundly dismiss the suggestion to postpone tens of billions of dollars of automatic spending cuts in defense and other departments on march 1st. defense secretary renewed pretty dire warnings today. listen.... >> my greatest concern today is that we are putting our national security at risk by lurching
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from budget crisis to budget crisis to budget crisis. >> only a couple hours after the speech. senate republicans unveiled their al downsize the government's civilian work force and freeze pay for members of congress. >> this is way of doing it without cutting defenses, without cutting desk and without raising taxes. >> reporter: republicans plan a hearing next week with the joint chiefs of the various branches of military to show how dangerous the automatic cuts could be. then they have two weeks to pass alternatives or the cuts begin. >> chris: we'll stay on top of it. thank you. still ahead, may be clouds on the horizon for the solar power industry, but first a pep talk for the president's agenda.
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>>. >> chris: president obama was on what should be friendly turf. he met with senate democrats how they can help turn it into law. mike emanuel has more. >> he went to annapolis to private rally democrat senators. it includes controversial issues gun control, climate change, immigration and fiscal matters such as taxes and spending. white house aides say the senate democrats play an important role in advancing his agenda which has political risks. >> he thinks the american people understandably expect congress to vote on these important matters, to vote yes or no. he would hope that the senate has an opportunity to do that.
3:24 pm
>> republican sources identify eight senators up for reelection in 2014, most at risk supporting the white house agenda. one early test of democratic unity and at risk members may come with dianne feinstein's weapons ban which they find lukewarm in advancing. >> i'll take a look at that as i've indicated to you. we'll have votes on all kinds of issues dealing with guns. i think would be well advised to read the legislation. >> reid has shielded his members on budgets since 2009 but democrats have promised to pass one this year. the house speaker is prepared for bruising debates ahead. >> the process was designed to be inefficient and difficult. there is a a lot of the scar tissue that carries over with these bills. it's up to the congress with how
3:25 pm
to deal with them. >> for reid and his democrats, it will be a difficult balance trying to be loyal to the white house and worrying about self-preservation. too many controversial votes could lead to big losses in 2014 and put reid into the minority. >> chris: mike, thanks for. >> this afternoon we leernd that marco rubio will give response to president obama's state of the union address. tune in next tuesday for special coverage. president obama has nominated sally jewel to head the interior department. she is head of a company r.e. i. and first woman to be nominated to the cabinet in the second term. boy scouts are delaying a decision to lift a ban on gays until may. president obama has already come out in favor of that change. tonight chief white house correspondent ed henry looks how
3:26 pm
the president's evolving views is shaping his agenda. >> white house officials say the boy scouts have been building character for more than a century. >> he opposes discrimination in all forms. he believes as he said just on sunday, that gay americans ought to be able to participate in the boy scouts. >> except the president's support of gay rights has not been so clear-cut more like an evolution. >> i have to tell you, i've been going through an evolution on this issue. >> that was in the middle of last year's campaign when the president told abc news he now supported same-sex marriage, a reversal from earlier in his administration when he backed the defense of marriage act. he later told the justice department to stop defend doma in court. he lifted the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military.
3:27 pm
>> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like any than else under lawsuit. >> it's the gays joining boy scouts that is last straw for conservative leaders. >> that is exactly what is happening, you have a corporation eliteists that are s trying to force this politically agenda. >> and they ex will ex sentenced some benefits to partners of service members. music to the ears of first openly bie sexuality member of congress. >> i it reflects the sentiment. of the american public. these are no longer issues that are taboo. >> it has not been driven by political expediency. >> our country as a whole
3:28 pm
evolved significantly in our view, public's view of these matters. the president thinks that is a good thing. >> reporter: important to note that defense officials will not acknowledge same-sex marriages. defense of marriage act prohibits any marriage that is not between a man and woman. >> chris: thanks for that. >> how bowling could help congress help congress. and giving people a smart phone a smarted way for them to help find a job. the grapevine is next. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain;
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>>. >> chris: now, fresh picking from the political great many vine. a company has won a federal contract to supply smart phones for low income job seekers. washington times that track phone was awarded a contract that will provide android phones. they are not practical for search of a job and use like recreational games and facebook. they have raised more than a million dollars for mr. obama's two presidential bids. >> freshman class of the new congress has made a date to cross the aisle or in this indicate the alley. new lawmakers will go bowling later this month. it's part of an effort to erase
3:33 pm
the hyper partisanship. when congress was sworn in it had a approval rating of 14%. within minutes of sunday's game baltimore fans were swamped with superbowl swag with raven ball boul champs. but retailers had to be ready if the game went other way. they are getting ready of unsellable 49er merchandise. it will send all the t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats to clothes people in nation like sam we extra nicaragua. when the 12-point. >> the outlook for sol or power is not so sunny tonight. it's still more expensive than fossil fuels. government subsidies are being cut back. solar power's new age.
3:34 pm
>> this idaho people put solar panels on their home and office. they figured to break even in 14 years. now idaho power wants to cut back incentives to net metering customers. >> this is establishing a penalty for net metering so the net metering person is going to pay a higher bill. >> the utility applied to the monthly fee and stopped paying them at the end of the year. officials say its fairness issue. solar producers don't pay utility's fixed costs. >> when solar is more expensive than other resources, i don't think the other customers of the system should have to subsidize that power resource. >> the debate in i had said part of a larger fight over how much and over how long the country should be subsidizing renewable power. cost of producing solar is
3:35 pm
coming down and close to be cost competitive if the incentives continue. >> oregon is cutting tax credits by 99% and california utilities are shifting hundreds of millions of dollars in costs to non-solar customers to make up for a budget shortfall. >> we don't want to have a hard stop on these. it would affect economic growth. >> we see they are not sustainable, they create very few jobs and many of those go away very quickly. >> solar capacity is growing in the u.s. but one tenth of 1 percent of the country's energy needs, and solar's future could be dimming. >> chris: lawmakers in colorado are considering a november make it tougher for defendants to use the insanity defense. currently it is up to the government to prove the suspect is sane. the change would put the burden of proof on the defense to prove the defendant is insane.
3:36 pm
the debate comes after the theater shooting that left 12 dead in a suburb of denver. the u.s. and great britain are finding the royal bank the scotland $610 billion for manipulating a key interest rate. they are the third major bank caught up in the scandal can which is called the libor. that stands for london interbank offered rate and is the basis of trillions of dollars for mortgages, bonds and consumer loans. >> will water boarding and drone program shoot down the chances of the president's pick for c.i.a. chief? we'll ask the fox panel when we come back. ssion a for a final g. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior
3:40 pm
leadership and al-qaeda along the lines that we are discussing as opposed to an effort to invade a country to take cities and towns. >> chris: jay carney defending the use of drones to go after top leaders of al-qaeda as that practice faces new questions. let's bring in the panel, steve hies and charles krauthammer. well as we know white paper obama administration was leaked. we know more of the legal parameters that the administration cites for the use of drones to attack and to kill american citizens. the target must be and target must be a, quote, senior operational leader that poses an imminent threat and the decision could be made by informed high level official of the u.s. government. steve, do those seem reasonable guidelines? >> any time you have the u.s.
3:41 pm
governmental killing a u.s. citizen without due process it would have to give you pause. if you look the way president obama, he demagogued the issue in the campaign and things he said afterwards, there is tremendous amount of hypocrisy from the white house. we are talking about by the administration over water boarding enhanced interrogations where you would be subjecting a non-u.s. citizen to interrogations versus this kind of killing of american citizen. i think there is a lot of hypocrisy involved. just because it's hypocritical doesn't mean it's the wrong policy. i think that the language probably needs to be tightened some, think there is case to be made to taking known al-qaeda leaders even if they are american citizens. >> chris: without due process? >> without due process.
3:42 pm
>> chris: we're going to see this tomorrow with the hearing, confirmation hearing of john brennan to go the c.i.a. on both sides because you got conservatives saying the obama administration, part of the hypocrisy administration released the documents of bush administration to justify enhanced interrogation over the tremendous regretted and opposition of lot of people in the c.i.a. they are refusing to release documents on murder. on the other hand, you've got the it's just wrong to be going after american citizens without if i due process. they are getting hit on both sides. >> there is no doubt about that. you can look at it as hypocritical and you get power and you get daily briefings and some of the measures are necessary to protect the united states. yes, i don't think that if the president knew then what he knows now he would have released those documents. i don't think that the democratic response to this
3:43 pm
would have been the same as george w. bush was the president. question is how much of a firestorm is going to cause on the left. there is democrat from oregon certainly upset and certainly the aclu but i don't think the left will unleash fury against barack obama if a republican were doing the same thing. >> chris: the president's choice to head the c.i.a., his top terrorism advisor, right handyman, john brennan comes up for confirmation hearings tomorrow in the senate to be c.i.a. director. how tough do you expect that to be? >> i think it will be tough. i don't think he is going to have a hard time in defending the drone program. i don't understand the hysteria of killing an american that have taken up arms against the united states. thousands of americans died without any due process.
3:44 pm
when we stormed the beaches of normandy on d-day nobody asked if they were german measures, i want you to read the miranda rights. if you take up arms against the united states, you were a target because it was an act of war. you forfeited those rights. it's a different war and the people are in a guerilla war a terrorist war, we don't have the same lines. they aren't representing a country and we need guidelines. the critique of this situation, in the guidelines that you indicated, they were probably written by somebody in the lower qin tile of his law school class. they want to pretend you can only hit al-qaeda operative that imminent threat and by saying al-qaeda is continually -- so he
3:45 pm
is all day in imminent threat. that criterion is meaningless. we really have to have an effort in the congress and in the executive and have an argument about what are the guidelines, who is the soldier and who loses all rights in this kind of shadow war? we've never had it before. we should have a debate and it's good we have a president on the left and congress half of which is on the right to work out criteria because it can be done. there has to be consensus on it. >> chris: interesting question at the hearing and enhanced interrogation. obama decided not to submit brennan's name c.i.a. director four years ago because of his involvement. he had had been with the c.i.a. 25 years and a lot of talk that he was involved with enhanced interrogation. maybe he was opposed to enhanced
3:46 pm
interrogation. this is going to come up tomorrow. >> he publicly defended enhanced interrogation. he basically said it worked. even if you regret it behind the scenes, he said it worked. i think he is going to get questions from democratic senators, aclu put out a statement tonight he needs to get questions about drones and enhanced interrogations. a third subject that will be discussed tomorrow and that will be benghazi. the administration still has not turned over many of the key documents that republicans on the senate intelligence committee have requested, documents that they have turned over in other contexts like the committee's investigation of enhanced interrogations under the bush administration. obama administration willing to turn over bush era sensitive documents but not providing the same. >> chris: and separated hearing tomorrow on capitol hill, out going defense secretary leon
3:47 pm
panetta is going to talk about benghazi. we have to fake a break. the growing fallout from implementing obamacare. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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we looked at the issue and four million and it's doubled to 7 million workers that won't get insurance. >> the bottom line no matter where you live on january 1st, 2014, an insurance marketplace will be up and running and consumers will have more access to affordable health insurance coverage. >> chris: jay carney and republican critic and douglas aiken on the unintended consequences of obamacare. with all the attention over the
3:51 pm
cbo the rejection about the debt and deficit yesterday, we neglected to talk about another big number they had, mara and that is the cbo under obamacare, 7 million people will lose their employer based health insurance. players will say, it doesn't make sense, we'll take the penalty. you'll have to go on the public program. that is projection of four million last august. how big a deal is it? >> i think it's a big deal. the administration has a big task, it has to get insurance exchanges up and running in the states and majority of the states where republican governor who has opted not to set up the exchanges. they have to have people operating exchanges to help these people including the millions of people that might be dumped by their employers on private insurance market. this is very high stakes because the most important thing for the president, he has to prove this is going to work.
3:52 pm
that the disruptions are outweighed by the benefits and people will be able to get it. but some that had insurance with the employer, they better be able to sign up pretty quickly otherwise it will be judged a harshly. >> chris: the real upheaval of obamacare doesn't even begin, for all the political upheaval the operational upheaval of it doesn't kick in until next january, individual mandate and exchanges and this precise question. remember, the president said if you like your policy and you like your doctor, you can keep it. if 7 million work ers are being told by the bosses we are going to drop you from the policy, how big a political issue do i expect the implementation of obamacare to be? >> i think it could be utterly disastrous and if it is, it will have a huge affect on the
3:53 pm
presidency. this is number one klaoef789. this is his legacy. if his presidency ended today that is how he'll be remembered. the man that nationalityized heavily. it all hinges on fantastically complex intrusion into a healthcare which is 18% of the united states economy. when the president said all during his arguments about obamacare, that if you like your doctor, you can keep him. if you like your health care coverage you can keep it he was technically right. the fact is if you are not being offered it because your company has north korean offering it and opting to pay a fine because it would be cheaper, that in fact you don't have the kios of having your own health plan or your doctor. you said it was unintended effect, unintended perhaps but utterly predictable. i'm not sure that the president
3:54 pm
really regrets this. i think his ultimate objective what he always wanted, nationalize health care like you have a britain or canada but you can't get there in one step. this is system so complex ultimately i think the only escape, the only way it can end up is going to be to nationalize the system. >> chris: if that weren't complicated enough, governors are trying to decide whether to sign up for the government offer because of the supreme court says they continue make eight threat and penalty, they couldn't make it a threat and penalty -- the government is offering a hundred percent subsidy. we'll pick up all the costs the first three years and 90% supposedly and see how long it goes on but for years to come. interestingly, a pennsylvania governor just rejected that. i don't want to do it, he said
3:55 pm
because i don't trust the government. what happens if we have to pick up more of the share but six republican governors, jan brewer of arizona and rick snyder among them they like the deal and they want to take the federal money and do it as a state expansion. what do you make of that? >> it's strikingly republican governors they are getting free federal money for joining this program. look, i think its raw deal. anybody who believes that it's going to be 90% is deluding themselves. you saw the are rejection of the proposals early on in the obama administration when the governors rejected the rail money, federal money for the rails. we like the up front money but we know we're going to be stuck paying the bills down the line. unfunded man dialts have been around for decades. that is what this is turning to.
3:56 pm
when the federal government look for reforming entitlements and one of the first will be medicaid. do you think it will stay at 90%? it will be dramatically ticked down. >> chris: let me pick up on that. does the fact that quite conservative governors like john kasich and jan brewer that opposed obamacare in the first place are willing to sign up for the state medicaid plan? >> i think it's that is pretty significant. these governors decided what was best for their state. this is an offer that was designed to be too good to refuse. in the case of ohio and arizona and nevada it was. this is the way that they are going to pay for coverage for their low income people. you know, i don't think we'll have to see what happens down the road. medicaid is going to be shrunk or turns into a block grant to the states which is what republicans wanted anybody. >> chris: that is it for the panel.
3:57 pm
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